Book Lovers Day 2016

Everyone loves a good book. There is something about the physicality of a book and the act of turning the pages that makes reading so enjoyable for everyone.

So today is for the reader in all of us, the celebration of Book Lovers Day! This day gives us the chance to read until our hearts content, whatever genre or subject matter takes your fancy!


Maybe your books take you into the unknown with a good mystery, entice your imagination in a far away kingdom, or be thrown in a steamy romance. Book Lovers Day isn’t about representing your favourite genre, it’s about encouraging the act of reading.

Maybe a visit to your local library is in order? To find a good book and lose yourself in the words has become a enjoyable past time in modern times. Librarians in olden days locked books under lock and key in order to prevent theft of the hand written tomes.


As paper sellers, from your standard office copier to textured fabrics and metallic paper, our love of books goes hand in hand with our love of paper. We love to see the written word printed in front of our eyes. Just like a hard hitting book or your favourite novel, the paper you choose says a lot about your company and its brand.

If you want to make your company and brand stand, out contact us today where we will happily help you craft the perfect literature to best represent you.


Visit our store today at

We are in independent business supplies company in East Lancashire with efficient nationwide coverage with next day delivery. Whatever your business needs, we do.


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