Office Olympics

Everyone loves watching the Olympics, but what do you do when you’re in the office, trying to soak up the atmosphere, Office Olympics of course! We’ve devised some fantastic team events for your office, guaranteed boost morale! It’s time to go for gold in the Office Deskathalon!

Rubber Band Archery…

It goes without saying, a necessity for this game to work is rubber bands. Just like it’s Olympic namesake, the aim of the game is to rack up as many points as you can by shooting rubber bands at a target (we don’t advise a live one). Mark a line on the floor about 12 feet away and happy aiming!


  • You have 60 seconds to grab rubber bands individually from your stockpile and shoot one at a time.
  • Remember to keep a score card of how many points each person has racked up!


Garbage Toss…

Now so much more than just s smartphone game! This event should need no instructions, how, here’s what you need; scrunched up paper (we offer a wide range of recycled paper for those environmentally conscious of you) and three waste bins, ideally spaced equally apart.


  • Each team has 50 paper balls in front of them. There is a one min 30 sec timer and you must get as many paper balls in as possible within the time limit. Simple!


Stair Master…

The aim of the event is to run up and down the stairs as many times as possible before you feel like you’re going to keel over and die. Obviously doesn’t work for single floor offices. If this is your company, you could replace the stairs with laps around the office. From experience, this is a great leg workout.


Office Chair Curling…

My favourite Olympic game. All you need is office chairs and a big target on the floor, and maybe a helmet. In order to win you must be in a team of two, where each has a go at curling and pushing. One member must sit on the chair whilst the other pushes them, trying to get them as close to the target as possible. In order to decide who wins, you add both measurements of how far from the chair they were together. Whoever has the lowest score, wins! Check out the experts below.


Sticky Tape Hoop-la

For this event, you will need something to aim the sticky tape on to like a coat rack, a thin post, a cricket stump hanging round the office or thin Jim. The aim is to get as many sticky tape rolls racked up as you can! When you run out of sticky tape, you can always visit our shop for refills.


  • Each player will be provided with three rolls of tape.
  • Players must stand at least ten ft. away from the target. (Mark it out with sticky tape if it’s easier.)

Mouse Hammer…

I would advise using a disused mouse, to save the wrath of the IT Manager! You use an old mouse as a hammer by holding the cable, swinging it around your head and launching it toward a target. Obviously, this game is best played in a car park or spacious area.


It’s up to you whether you want medals and a closing ceremony, but it’s always nice to achieve something! You could also play a song of the gold medalists choice throughout the office rather than a national anthem! You could even choose to have a raucous affair at your local pub for winners to celebrate properly and losers to pretend to be happy for them while drowning their sorrows in Peroni…

We hope you have fun with your Office Olympics and that you send us some video’s/ photos of your events (and ALL injuries resulting from the games!)

Let the games begin!



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