Not a punctual person? Here are 5 reasons why you should be!

Always just missing 9am? Constantly find yourself those few minutes late? Being punctual can have its perks; it’s a likeable quality, will help with your workload, encourage collaboration in your team and show professionalism. After all, no one likes someone who shows up late dragging the whole day back….


There are endless reasons why you should be punctual, but here’s a few I’ve curated that I think you’ll like:

  1. It benefits everyone else in the workplace, especially if they are relying on you for work they need.
  2. If you are always late, your co-workers may not respect you. Arriving just a few minutes early will earn the respect of your co-workers.
  3. A punctual person usually is more organised, thinks ahead of time, and gives each task a deadline depending on importance.
  4. Being a couple of minutes early to work, gives you time to collect your thoughts and prioritise your day’s schedule. This will help you sail through the day with no major glitches.
  5. Productivity: it may seem obvious, but those extra few minutes may be the difference between completing a task on time or not.


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